• Thousands of Satisfied Families

    Stop Bedwetting in Weeks

    • Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm
    • Boost confidence, increase happiness
    • Perfect for deep sleepers
    • Thousands of satisfied families
  • Confidence Booster

    Monitor Incontinence Day and Night

    • Chummie Pro Bed-side Bedwetting Alarm
    • Bring back dignity and self respect
    • Unparalleled comfort and effeciveness
    • Ideal for home monitoring
  • Impressive Results

    Clinically Proven Technology

    • Doctor recommended treatment
    • Detect bedwetting events in seconds
    • Discreet in-home monitoring
    • Absoloutely no side effects
  • Save Money

    Average Savings of $500/year

    • Eliminate diapers and prescription medication
    • Reduce laundry loads
    • No more urine smell and odor
    • Nothing extra to buy again
  • Experience Chummie

    Better Technology for Faster Treatment

    • More effective than prescription medication
    • Advanced microprocessor monitoring
    • Comfortable and easy to use system
    • Multiple US and international patents
  • Superior Quality

    Better Technology for Faster Treatment

    • FDA registered & FSA eligible
    • Safety certifications
    • Non-toxic, lead and mercury free
    • Environmentally friendly green product

Chummie Advantage

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Your child's safety is our our highest priority. Chummie products are Lead and Mercury free.

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Award Winning

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Chummie is among the most widely recommended bedwetting alarms by doctors.

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Money Saving Kits

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No medications, no diapers, no counselling. Ideal for deep sleeper's needs in a little box.

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Chummie Bedwetting Alarm

Bed wetting also called incontinence or enuresis, can be cured permanently. The Chummie Bedwetting Alarm is clinically proven to stop bed wetting in children and adults in just a few weeks. A wet bed is the past. Start sleeping dry at night with the Chummie Bedwetting Alarm.

Research has proven that no medication cures bed wetting. The Chummie Bedwetting Alarm has helped thousands of bed wetters all over the world overcome bed wetting and sleep dry at night. Patented Chummie Bedwetting Alarm is safe, effectivecomfortable & easy to use.

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    96% Effective

    Highest among all available treatment options

    Child Friendly

    Cute, friendly design for positive reinforcement

    Fast Treatment

    Cure bedwetting in just a few weeks


    Easily select from 32 alarms combinations

    Save Money

    Save over $700 per year on diapers


    40% smaller than a credit card & weighs 1oz

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    Detect and respond to the first drop of urine


    Accurate detection; first time, every time


    Metal free, non-corrosive, soft and flexible

    Boost Confidence

    Increase confidence with more dry nights

    Light Weight

    Weighs under 1oz. Less than 0.1inch thick!

    Reduce Laundry

    Smaller wet patches over time till bedwetting stops

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    Unique SlimFit design for unparalleled comfort at night

    Home Monitoriong

    Beat bedwetting in the convenience of you bed


    Flexible and shred resistant patented material

    30 Second Setup

    Setup and start monitoring in seconds


    FDA registered, CE approved, ISO 9001 quality


    No lead, mercury or toxic chemicals that can harm

Award winning Chummie is FDA registeredFSA eligible, safe & non-toxicPurchase your Chummie from the Chummie Bedwetting Store or one of these fine retailers and sleep dry at night. Plus you could save over $1,000 per year on diapers, medications and laundry!

Chummie – The Most Advanced Bedwetting Alarm

  • Better Technology for Faster Treatment
  • 01 Comfortable
  • 02 Low Cost
  • 03 Effective
  • 04 Rapid Cure
  • 05 Easy to Use
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